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The Do-Rites play the Revel Room

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Tonite, it’s The Do-Rites with Miss Kelly Haigh @Revel Room.

The Do-Rites are made up of rockabilly legend Jimmy Roy on lapsteel & guitar, Steve Taylor on drums, and Joanie Kepler on the upright bass.

The trio have played together in various bands for over thirty years, including the Stingin Hornets and the GI Blues.

Kelly Haigh joined the Do Rites as lead vocalist in 2014 and brings original vintage country tunes to the party.

Her most recent album, Post Apocalyptic Valentine, comes in the form of a CD accompanied by a hardcover book of Haigh’s original paintings and stories.

Her vocals have been described as ‘angelic’, but with a wicked sense of humour and a diehard love of taxidermy (Haigh runs a hair salon filled with stuffed critters), this little lady packs a punch both vocally and in personality.

7:00 to 10:00pm #sundayfunday #gastown#livemusic #revelroom


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